Gluten Free Options

The Pie Pizzeria is NOW serving Gluten Free items at all of the Pie Pizzeria locations.We try our absolute best to insure that every Gluten Free Pie is prepared fresh and safe for you and your family. We carefully prepare each Gluten Free Pie in a separate (enclosed) pizza making area, away from products that contain Gluten. The Pie prepares almost everything from scratch, so there IS a very small risk of gluten exposure. While this may be the case, we want you to know that we take every precaution to insure that your Gluten Free Pie is prepared in the safest manner possible. This includes having separate Gluten Free make areas, as well as using color coded knives, cutters and tools for all GF menu items. Our cooks change their aprons and gloves before entering our Gluten Free areas and will prepare your Pie using only pre-approved Gluten Free pizza toppings. Your Gluten Free Pie will always be served to you in a closed box to reduce potential airborne gluten exposure. Due to space restrictions, the current Gluten Free options and toppings are the only choices we can offer at this time.

The Pie's Gluten Free Dough can only be used with toppings from The Pie's Gluten Free Menu.

Because of the special handling involved in preparing our Gluten Free menu items, we don't offer half/half combinations, half/half additions or half/half deletions at this time.

Gluten Free products have a tendency to lose heat quickly, so it may be necessary to re-heat your Gluten Free Pie/Breadsticks when you take them home. Reheating instructions can be found on the side of your pizza box.

Just look for this icon on our menu's to identify which items have a gluten free option available for you to order. Additional charges may apply on gluten free items.